About the authors

Jeffrey Feinman has spent well over four decades in the prize promotion industry. Immediately after graduate school, Jeff went to work for the D.L. Blair Corporation, an independent judging organization, at the time the largest sweepstakes company in the country. Feinman established their branch office operations as well as moved their fulfilment center from New York to Blair, Nebraska. He went from trainee to executive vice president in less than five years. While at Blair he designed gas station games and numerous contests and sweepstakes.

Jeff left Blair to start his own sweepstakes and contest company, Ventura Associates. In less than four years, the firm went from one employee to over 150. Ventura was among the largest and most influential marketing and promotion agencies. Jeff has designed, administered and/or supervised several thousand sweepstakes. He has produced promotional work for more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. During Feinman’s tenure, he did work for such diverse organizations as Revlon, General Motors, Catholic Digest, Publishers Clearing House, several state lotteries and over 1000 other corporations and non-profits. Several years ago Feinman sold Ventura to Mickleberry Corporation. At the time Mickelberry was a New York Stock Exchange company. Feinman signed a management contract and stayed on with Mickelberry for a number of years. He acquired a number of smaller promotion companies for Ventura. He has spoken at over a hundred industry events in this country and in Europe.

Several years ago Feinman left Ventura and currently serves as a marketing consultant to firms ranging from start-ups to major enterprises. Much of his time is now spent writing. In addition, he serves on the board of several foundations and is the Chairman of the Board of the non-profit medical research organization, The Nutrition Metabolism Society (www.nmsociety.org). This is Jeff Feinman’s twenty-third book. He lives in New York City with his wife Susan, an actress and his two children. One is a practicing attorney and the other is currently completing a PhD program in psychology.

John Minges is an author, business executive, nonprofit consultant and philanthropist. At age fourteen John spent the majority of his summers working in the family business at the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Greenville, North Carolina. He started in the warehouse loading trucks and worked in production on the bottling line. After graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in Social Work with a concentration in Criminal Justice he began his full time career with the company. His father Jack Minges insisted he work in all aspects of the business including the warehouse, vending department, and sales before moving into management to oversee personnel and public relations for the company. John’s grandfather M.O. Minges started the business in 1923 as a bottler of Orange Crush. In 1935 his grandfather was given the opportunity to purchase a Pepsi franchise that encompasses thirteen counties in eastern North Carolina including the town of New Bern, North Carolina where Pepsi was first created in 1898. The company consolidated and is now known as Minges Bottling Group with fourth generation management.

John’s first involvement with sweepstakes relates directly to Pepsi’s effective use of the device to promote sales. As a senior executive, he had many experiences verifying and congratulating prize winners handing out numerous cash prizes and multiple vehicles.

John is also an avid sweeper. Like many he first subscribed to the Contest Newsletter and has entered sweepstakes off and on for a good portion of his life. He enjoys winning be it slot machines, lottery, sweepstakes or raffles. In total during his lifetime he has won over $100,000 in cash and prizes. John’s recent wins include a car, trips and a cash prize of $10,000. John is now retired and lives in Greenville, North Carolina with his wife Sarah.